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Online Backup

Online Backup

online Backup

With online backup, your data is trasmitted using your existing internet service (e.g. Verizon, Comcast, Earthlink, etc.) It is stored on our secure servers. The data available to you 24/7 for retrieval or verification. We recommend online backup for a relatively small amount of critical data files such as accounting data, email contacts, or any work-in-progress.

Our proprietary software, FileFicheTM, updates your remote files automatically or on-demand. It's fast and its encryption is provably at least as strong as that used for internet financial transactions. The FileficheTM software was developed over a period of three years and has been used in several capacities by H Street, both internally and for clients.

A big advantage of our service is that we can set you up on-site and provide personalized service in case you need help retrieving data or your backup requirements change. Our software together with our service will outperform anything else out there.

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