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FileFicheTM Version 1.1 is a highly efficient, stable, and configurable software system for performing disk-to-disk or disk-to-internet data transfer. It includes several features critical to dependable backup software, including support for incremental backup, encryption, staggering, verification, and recovery from partial transfers.

It represents three years of development and testing. FileFiche has been used extensively by H Street Business Solutions, both for internal backup purposes and for client data backup & recovery services. FileFiche was not designed by committee; it was designed by a single individual with 20 years of professional software experience.

FileFiche was designed with the user in mind. We wanted software that would not only do its job and do it well, but would also inspire confidence in the user monitoring (or not) the backup process. To this end, we put emphasis on several aspects that are often lacking in other backup software:

  • Progress is continually measured.
  • Backup summaries are recorded.
  • Logs are kept.
  • Mechanisms enable recovery from interruptions

Installation of the software consists of downloading the executable along with file-servers data. FileFiche installation and execution does not modify or depend on the system registry. Text files allow one to configure the software. User input is minimized; a backup is usually run simply by clicking an icon.
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The software is available for download. However, you'll need a key to use the software for backup (but not for most restores).
Download FileFiche.

User License Agreement

Please read the license agreement before downloading or using. Use of FileFiche assumes agreement with the EULA.
Download EULA.
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